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bet4beer Luxembourg is obliged through the Amended Act of August 2, 2002 in matters of Privacy and Personal Protection to inform you about the following points:
You have the right to find out what information about you is held and to obtain a copy thereof. You are entitled to access, to suppress and to rectify your data by sending your request via mail to:
The following data is collected:

Email Address

The personal data is processed in a confidential manner and stored in a safe form and place.
Your data is stored until its deletion.
All data collected is the property of


First of all, we would like to thank Bob K., Catherine M., Christophe L., Claudio P., Daniel S., Joé F., Joel P., Pol F., Pol G., Reinaldo P., Sandie L., Sophie S. and Thierry S. for their qualitative feedback.

Furthermore, the flags were provided by "Custom Icon Design".

For the chat, we got our inspiration from Zvonko Biškup who has a nice tutorial on how to implement your own shoutbox.
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