Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do I have to pay to participate?

bet4beer is completely free! But be aware that you may have to pay your stake to your group-manager in order to participate in his group.

How can I win something?

bet4beer is not about winning anything. Our goal was only to provide you a platform where you can edit your guesses at any time. The management of your stake will probably be handled by your group-manager, so first of all read the description he provided in the groupsettings to get more information.

Can the others see my guesses?

Until the game has started, only you can see what you guessed. After that, when you click on the box with the game, all the guesses of your friends will be displayed.

What is the purpose of this small yellow alert sign?

This small sign is just a help to indicate that you have not guessed on this game so far. As soon as you have entered something for this specific game, the symbol will disappear.

How can I vote for the playoff games?

As soon as the first clash of the last 16 is known, we unlock the playoff mode, where you can place your bets the same way as you did it in the groups.

What score will be considered in the playoffs?

If a game goes to overtime or penalty kick, we will always consider the score after 120 minutes.

How many points do I get if I voted correctly?

The exact point distribution can be read in the group-settings. If you are the group-manager, you can change these the way you want.

Do I need to create a new account to create/join a new group?

No! When you already belong to a group, you can just click on the group name in the right upper corner and either press on "Create new group" or fill in the name and password of the new group you want to join.

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